Star Trek Ferengi

In 2005 I made a Ferengi mask and costume. I have since sold both for money — like any good Ferengi would do — but here are some images from it.

For the jacket I bought a woman’s jacket from Kohl’s that I then altered by cutting and embellishing. I then sculpted the mask and bought some “Orc” teeth from an online dealer.  The pants were women’s stretch pants. The shirt I made from some stretch fabric I bought with a Ferengi-like pattern. The boots were fisherman wading boots from Bass Pro Shops.

All in all it turned out quite well and I will probably make another one for myself one day.

Note: the photos below are of my first mask which I deemed “too orange” after wearing it once or twice. The mask above in the featured image is my 2nd one which I colored more correctly.