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Slugterra & Rube Dugan

While scrolling through Netflix tonight I saw a show called “Slugterra” and instantly stopped dead in my [scroll] tracks because one of the characters was “ME!” Here is a photo of “Pronto” — from the Disney show — PhotoShopped with me in 2000 as “Rube Dugan“, a character I played at Silver Dollar City. If you visited… Continue reading

What is Cosplay?

I never used to like the term “cosplay”. To me “costuming” and cosplay were always different. I got over it. I’ve come to accept that “cosplay” is just the nomenclature that caught on to what I have always called “costuming” — what my family has done since before I was born. We dress up to… Continue reading

The Flash – Version 1.0

As of August of 2011 I have a Flash costume. This is something I’ve wanted to make and own for years, probably since I was a kid, and finally got a chance to do a really good one. For the suit I got a red, full-face suit from (totally awesome suits for anything like… Continue reading