Advanced Potion Making Book

About the Replica

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books then you know all about the Half-Blood Prince and his copy of “Advanced Potion Making.” If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies as well as the books then you know exactly what that book looks like as well. It’s seen briefly in the film “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and there are replicas of it all over the internet, especially Etsy. And while those replicas are really cool looking, they’re just a cover placed on top of some “other” book. The nicest ones of those, in my opinion, are simply blank journals. Sure, they’re fun to have sitting on your shelf, but they’re nothing to look at. I never made or bought one of those “replicas” – I wanted something more. Well, thankfully, I’m not only a Potterhead but I’m a prop replica fanatic as well. So I set out to make a REAL replica of “Advanced Potion Making”.

I cannot overemphasize how exquisite a work this is. The level of detail is incredible! It includes elements of folklore and mythology that will impress even the most arcane scholar.

- Dr. Chris Taylor

Here it is! This took me nearly 3 years complete. It’s not just a cover – I wrote THE ENTIRE BOOK! You can take this off the shelf and sit down and study to become a potions master.

Every one of the pages and chapters matches any and everything seen or referenced in the films and books. For example: Remember when Horace Slughorn tells the potions class to “turn to page 10″ so that they can try their hand at “Draught of Living Death?” Well… turn to page 10 in this book and there’s the Draught. It even has the same images and text as seen in the films.

A Few Photos

The Half-Blood Prince Version

Here is a collage showing some of the marked up “Half-Blood Prince” version of my potion book replica. You can see the worn cover here as well as the inside of the cover. You can also see the “inscription” and the pages with the “Sectumsempra” spell.

Not For Sale

Warner Bros. requested — very, VERY nicely I might add — that I stop selling the book and so I have done so. Sorry for anyone who’s wanting a copy but I am an honest fellow and will not sell any more of them nor “trade” or even produce any more. There were 34 copies sent out — 30 regular copies and 4 “aged” versions — so you all who got one have a true treasure! Now, go read the Harry Potter books and watch the Harry Potter movies again!!


  • No, I won’t send you a PDF of the interior.
  • No, I won’t make one exception and sell you a copy.
  • No, I don’t have any more copies available.


I’ve had SO MANY requests for “one more” potion book I decided to sell my OWN PERSONAL copy!

This was the “#0″ of the Half-Blood Prince version. It’s the 1st one I had printed and therefore has errors in the index because it is “#0″ and my “proof” copy. AND, more importantly, it is the last one that will ever be made available in any way of the Harry Potter ones per WB’s request. While I’m going to be selling a “non Harry Potter specific” version on Amazon — see below — this one has all the original stuff as I wrote. Every potion is readable. Every page is like it should be based on movies, books, and reference to screen used props. Because it’s now so rare and so in demand I wasn’t going to let it go for cheap. Lots of people wanted it and a certain “M.H.” in Texas bought it! A magical and huge congratulations to them!

Here are some images of my copy of the book…

A Non-Harry Potter Specific Version

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people asking me to make just ONE exception and sell one more book. I’ve also had a lot of ideas from people about offering it to WB for them to sell, printing it without the cover, changing the inside of it, and so on and so on. I have talked to WB about everything and they have said that if I removed everything “specifically Harry Potter related” I would be able to sell the books.

I am currently working on this version of the book. It will have a generic cover as well as nothing like “Polyjuice Potion” or any other specific references to Harry Potter or the world of Harry Potter in the book. I’m planning on making the book will available with the markings printed in it or with plain “clean” pages on Amazon. Trust me… this will be as CLOSE to the Harry Potter version as I can make it without having anything specifically Harry Potter related in it! I appreciate WB so much for how they have handled this that I WILL NOT make the other version available in any way shape or form. But this will be a wonderful piece for fans and collectors nevertheless.

Of course you could take the book and do whatever you want to with it once you have it — change the cover, for example, so it’s a bit fancier. But, if no one is interested I’m not going to do it.

Just so you know... if by chance you ordered one of these and didn't get it, PLEASE let me know! I only sold 30, and I kept good records of when people ordered, when I shipped it, etc. But I did have one person email that I realized had slipped through the cracks somehow. I verified they had ordered it when it was still available and sent theirs. I only say this in case... I seriously doubt anyone else didn't get theres. Again, don't use this as a "ploy" to get one. I am not making more and don't have extras and am not saying this as a way to "wink" at you that there is a way you can get one. At this time there is not.