5 Reasons Chatbooks Rock

5 Reasons Chatbooks Rock

If you’re on Instagram and haven’t used Chatbooks yet then you MUST give them a try… and here’s your chance to try them FREE! But you only have until the countdown is gone before this link doesn’t work anymore.








So, why do Chatbooks rock?

Here are 5 reasons I know of…

LOL Funny Ads

Their video ad is hilarious and totally on point.

Super Simple

They are super simple to use! In fact if you just want to get all your Instagram photos printed into books you sign up, click “Subscribe” and blam! you’re good to go! You can also edit photos out — which is what I did — before you get them. But, again, SUPER SIMPLE!

Amazing Quality

I’ve seen other “print online” books and none compare to the quality of Chatbooks. They’re simply beautiful and well worth the money — which is like next-to-nothing to have such a treasure.

You’ll Love ’em!

Having books of your photos around for people to look at is so much nicer — and a bit retro — than saying, “Here, hang on… let me find that…” while you scroll through your phone. The first time you get one (or a bunch) in the mail I promise you will sit down and relish in them. And when friends or family come over you will truly bring social interaction to your social photos.

First one is FREE!

You loose nothing by trying one for FREE. If you don’t love it… if you don’t sit and look at it 100 times the first day… if you don’t want to share more photos on Instagram SIMPLY to get more Chatbooks… then you’ve lost nothing but a little time. So why not try it?