10 Things That Will Never Happen on The Walking Dead

10 Things That Will Never Happen on The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” may go for 20+ seasons. The show, which premiered in the U.S. on October 31, 2010, is about a reality where the zombie apocalypse has happened and the world as we know it is gone. If we apply Dr. Emmett Brown’s theory of time then we can say that at the moment the events in “The Walking Dead” began a new timeline was created which broke off from our timeline and is now running in a parallel universe. If that’s the case then there are quite a few things that never did or never will happen in their reality! Here are ten of them…

1) December 2010 — Instagram launched

That’s right… no way for Rick or anyone else to easily share photos or videos with each other. They’d just have to keep using Facebook.

2) March 2010 – Obamacare signed into law

Rick and his crew may actually end up with better healthcare.

3) May 2011 – Osama bin Laden killed

No doubt he’s dead in their universe too but Osama wouldn’t have been killed by United States Navy SEALs. He probably just got eaten alive. Still okay.

4) 2012 – Whitney Houston, Dick Clark, Andy Griffith & Robin Gibbs all die

I’m still hoping that Rick and the gang run across all these fine folks still alive and kicking serious zombie butt as a unified super-team.

5) September 2013 – Breaking Bad Finale

Can you imagine living in a world where you don’t know the ending of Breaking Bad?! Welcome to hell on earth!

6) September 2013 – Government Shutdown

This just happened sooner… and for real.

7) July 2014 – Ice Bucket Challenge

The denizens of the zombie infested world would have never had a reason to dump buckets of ice on their heads. Not to say that they didn’t do it… if they ever found ice that is.

8) February 2015 – The Dress

Without Instagram or the clarity that buckets of ice give you there would’ve never been a question of what color “the dress” was. It was most likely blood red.

9) December 2015 – Steve Harvey & Miss Universe

Yep, good ol’ lovable Steve Harvey’s mistakes aren’t as funny when he announces “winners” and it ends up costing everyone their life.

10) May 2016 – Target Bathrooms

It’s hard to imagine but all those survivors, daily fighting for their lives, still have to find a bathroom that fits their actual, biological gender. No wonder they all look so stressed.

What else?

I know this list isn’t nearly complete… there are Bruce/Caitlyn Jenners, Gorillas, Florida zombies (in our world too) and more. But what do you think I should have included? Scroll down and leave a comment let me know.