Star Wars is Not a Love Story

Star Wars is Not a Love Story

Let me start by saying I love this photo from of Victor and Julianne, better known as “The Real Finn and Rey.” They had their engagement photos done as a photo shoot of Finn and Rey in the Star Wars desert planet of Jakku (Utah) and it’s awesome.

There are so many rumors flying about “who” will end up with “whom” in the new movies that it can make your head spin. But… and this is a huge all capital BUT… Star Wars IS NOT nor should ever be a love story.

I’m in the camp of Star Wars fanatics who believe George Lucas never knew why Star Wars worked. It’s evident in the prequels (that’s episodes I, II, and III — the ones with young Obi-Wan, Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks.) Those movies are the worst of the whole series for many reasons — did I mention Jar Jar Binks? — one of the biggest being that they focus too much on the love story between Padme and Anakin.

They could have easily let Anakin run off with an unknown woman for 20 minutes after he goes to the dark side and have Luke and Leia be conceived that way. They didn’t need to spend the long amounts of screen time on the nonsense that was that “romance.”

Now, let me clarify, romance is part of the Star Wars universe and story. Lightsabers, the force, Jedi, Jedi robes, planets, it’s ALL very romantic. And who could forget the “romance” between Han and Leia? But that’s the thing… that was done correctly!

The amount of “love story” and “romance” Star Wars should NEVER be more than what was shown between Han and Leia. Their flirting and Leia’s attempts to make Han jealous were great. Their profession of love was perfect as well.

Leia: “I love you…”
Han: “I know.”

Anything more than that ruins everything!

This has already been done with Finn and Rey. The little “flirting” they’ve had… the question of if she had a boyfriend, a “cute” boyfriend, back on Jakku. That’s great. That’s enough. Keep it at that level.

It comes down to this metric for me. If I have to explain a relationship in a Star Wars story to my kids it is too much of a “relationship.” They can get — or can easily and mentally ignore — things like Han and Leia. Comments by Finn to Rey. They have to have everything with Padme and Anakin explained… at length… and it muddies the waters of the story way, way too much.

So this is my imploring cry to those who are in charge of Episodes VIII, IX, and whatever else may happen in the future. KEEP LOVE STORIES OUT OF STAR WARS! Have fun with the flirts… but don’t make it a thing! It’s not what it’s about. It’s not what it should be about.

  • Paul Garver

    Agree with your analysis and plea to the makers of VIII and IX. I think a part of the reason it doesn’t work in these movies is that we aren’t there to see something that is very familiar to us in our lives. Being in love; been there, done that. Fighting a Sith or trying to take out a Death Star; bring it on, then repeat and repeat.