Battleship Galactica

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  1. Lauren says:

    Noel, I’ve never met you, but I’d like to someday. You are hilarious! I’m so glad Celeste found an awesome guy like you to spend the rest of her life with :) Just thought I’d share!

  2. jason w says:

    I’m not saying those were the most rivetting game instructions I’ve ever read, but I’m sure I’ve never read more rivetting game instructions. Seriously, I read everything just out of enjoyment.

  3. Noel says:

    Cool! I’m glad! I’ve not had a chance to play it yet, but hopefully will soon.

  4. Jenny Ranum says:

    Some people used a Battleship style game to teach conversational English in the junior high schools in Japan. Your game sounds a lot more fun. I think it would be funny to try to explain this game to students in Japan. For those who have taught English in a Japanese junior high school, can you imagine the look on their faces? I don’t really know where this comment came from since you make no mention of Japan in your instructions. Chalk it up to the wandering mind of a sleep deprived mom!

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