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Resist the Devil

The last part of James 4:7 says… Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. I always thought that many in Christ — me included — fail lamentably at this. We treat it too...

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Be a Sin Killer

There are a few great misunderstandings about what the doctrines of grace, election, predestination, the “Calvinistic/Augustinian” view (i.e. the Gospel) teaches as far as salvation, sanctification, evangelism and so on. One of the biggest in...

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Icon Planet & The Dead Pixel Society

Around 18 years ago I made icons for a living under a website called “Icon Planet” 8-bit, 256-colors and were hand crafted, pixel-by-pixel in a 32 x 32 grid, via resource editing app ResEdit. Recently I was contacted, along with a lot of my fellow iconographers, with the hopes of reuniting for “The Dead Pixel Society”.

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I Hear His Voice

The epistemological question, “How do you know?” is a very important one when it comes to the other question of, “Is there a God?” It is equally important when it comes to the questions, “Do...