Breaking Smartphone Habits

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CLICK HERE TO READ THE UPDATE » There have been two major shifts in my life in the last year that have changed my life a lot. First was leaving Facebook in September of last year. Second was doing my first Whole30 a couple of months ago. Leaving Facebook was awesome. Mind blowing how much time I suddenly had and how much I appreciated things like my wife, family, food and even television shows I enjoy. (ha!) The Whole30 had the same effect. It was like I had more energy,…read more

Whole30 Haikus

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I just completed the Whole30. Rather than post a bunch of words every day to chronicle my journey I created a daily haiku about my previous day’s experiences. You can see all the haikus below… What’s the Whole30? Simply put it’s eating only whole foods for 30 days. That means, ideally, if it has 1 ingredient it’s good. No sugar. No dairy. No grains. That leaves you a LOT of good food though. The program “resets” your body, it gets rid of cravings and lets you see what is keeping you in a “fog.” Believe…read more

Equality: Everypony’s Different

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We live in a world of equality. It’s talked about, it’s pushed for, it’s all over social media, the news and on people’s minds all the time. Marriage equality. Social equality. Healthcare equality. Who can blame us though, right? I mean it’s in the Declaration of Independence. Well… I don’t agree and I think the first two episodes of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” season 5 show why in an excellent way. SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve not watched it and want to this article will certainly have spoilers. So…read more

Pluralism is no Joke

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If you’ve not heard about the controversial variant cover for Batgirl #41 you can read the whole story on IGN here. While neither I, nor my wife, saw anything more than “the Joker being the Joker” on the cover it’s not the cover that I want to talk about… it’s the pluralistic responses from DC and the artist as noted in the article. The artist of the variant cover, Rafael Albuquerque, was quoted as saying: I respect these opinions and, despite whether the discussion is right or wrong, no opinion should be…read more

One Generation from Hokey Religions

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I’m a big Star Wars fan — as if you didn’t know — and ever since I was little I have always wondered about Han Solo and his view on The Force as stated in the image above. Han starts off his fantastical statement of disbelief with the famous quote of, “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” These quotes may not seem like a big deal until you start thinking about how chronologically close Han was to the rule of tens of…read more

Hiding Notes: Psalm 119:11

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I love to hide notes. I’m always hiding little notes or papers in public places with my girls and then checking if they’re still there when we return later — they usually are. If I’ve ever been to your house there’s a very good chance that I hid a note somewhere. It usually follows the format of, “date – why I was there – personal quip – my name.” I hide them in picture frames, furniture, cabinets, clothing, books or DVDs. I try to put them places that people will find them eventually but not…read more

Why “Calvinist?”

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I, like John MacArthur, love the doctrines of grace and don’t shy away from the label “Calvinist.” Some have asked, however, why I — or anyone — would want or need or choose to take on the moniker of “Calvinist”. Why claim a title that has so much “baggage” with it? Why choose a title with so many misconceptions and preconceived ideas? What does being a Calvinist say about me that other things don’t? To answer this in full I point you to J.I. Packer’s “Introductory Essay to John Owen’s Death of Death…read more

The Ferengi

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As well as being a fan of Star Wars, Firefly, Planet of the Apes, Battlestar Galactica and about anything else that’s good fantasy or sci-fi I am a huge Star Trek fan. I grew up watching the original series in its first reruns with my older brothers and sister and was fully sold on every incarnation of the series from TNG (the Next Generation) on through Voyager. *I only appreciated parts of Enterprise* I love Star Trek for more anthropological reasons than Star Wars for instance. I believe Trek’s “fleshing…read more

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