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God is the Sower

In our morning Bible study today we read the account of Jesus telling the parable of the sower and it struck me — in a way it hadn’t ever before — that God is the sower!...

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How Is Limited Atonement Fair?

The idea of “Limited Atonement” — the “L” in the TULIP acrostic of Calvinism and Reformed Theology — is another topic that brings up a lot of questions with my Arminian Christian brothers and sisters. The idea...

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Why I left Facebook

Well, I finally did it. My Facebook account is no more! Gone. Kaput. Avada Kedavra Facebook! So what did it? Why after claiming I “may leave” way back in the first part of 2013 and...

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The Batman is more than his suit!

I love the Batman and I love costuming but I’m also very tired of seeing the “same ol’ thing” every time someone costumes as the Dark Knight. The truth is I think costumers are all focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to the Batman. In fact I think that the Batman hasn’t been done right in years. He has just been rehashed… again… and again… and again. The focus has become his suit and that is not where the focus should be!

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Jekyll and Hyde

Do you know why the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is scary? Hint: it’s not because Hyde is a monster.

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My Popeye Costume

Here are some pictures of my Popeye cosplay from Boulder, CO. I walked around at the Pearl Street Mall and loved the reactions people gave. I base me characterization on the Popeye of the 1980...

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Ten Years – One Bed

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. Ten wonderful years of living together, of sharing and making memories, of children being born, trials being suffered, and ten years of spiritual growth — all together. The same...